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In trying to get some information about Professor Edward McNall Burns, I wrote first to Donna K Thornton, Vice President for Alumni Relations – Rutgers University, copying to Brian Perillo, Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations, and Sybil Carroll, Secretarial Assistant, Outreach Programs. Following the email trend below, Miss Erka Gorder, Associate University Archivist and Permissions Coordinator, is “In charge” of answering my research inquiry. Last news dated 13th August 2012. She is the heart and soul of that project.

  From Luis Alfredo 13 July 2012
  To Donna K. Thornton

Dear Mrs. Thornton,
Please to meet you.
I am coordinating a group in charge of writing some lines about Professor Edward McNall Burns, which could be posted in the Wikipedia - portuguese version.
Professor Burns is quite "popular" in Brazil. His two volume Western Civilizations was first published in Portuguese in 1949. In 2005, the book reached its 44th edition (co-authored by E. Lerner and S. Meacham).
We got from the WorldCat Identities site (
http://www.worldcat.org/identities/viaf-122237213) the following information: 28 works in 59 publications in 4 languages. I think he has been translated in more than 4 languages.
Except for his bibliography, there is very very few about him in the Internet. I though that some of you from the Rutgers University might help us with some information. The minimum we need are the dates of brth and death of Professor Burns, the period he teached in Rutgers and, most important os all, his photo.
I am copying this email to Brian Perillo, Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations and to Sybil Carroll, Secretarial Assistant, Outreach Programs
Thanking you very much for any help you might provide, I remain
Sincerely yours

 Luis Alfredo Moutinho da Costa
Geologist, Ph.D

On July 30 th I received the following mail from Miss (Mrs?) Erika Gorder, Archival Associate, Special Collections/University Archives Staff, Special Collections and University Archives

  From Erika Gorder: gorder@rci.rutgers.edu 30 th July 2012
To: Luis Alfredo
Dear Mr. Luis Alfredo Moutinho da Costa,
Your research inquiry regarding Professor McNall Burns was forwarded through several offices finally to me in the University Archives. We handle all research and reference questions regarding the history of the University and its constituents (including faculty and students). I understand that you are interested in information on Professor Burns. I will take a look and see if we have a biographical file on him, and if not, at the very least there might be a listing of him in the faculty directly.
Because your inquiry went through several iterations, if you would be so kind as to summarize your request again, that would make things clearer for me. My apologies for the inconvenience.
Best regards,

Wich I promptly replyed in the next day, 31 st July 2012

  To Erika Gorder: gorder@rci.rutgers.edu 31st July 2012

Dear Erika,
You letter made my day.
Well, as to summarize my request... I woud say... I need ANYTHNG you have or, even  better, everything you have about the MAN, about the TEACHER... What kind of man was he? I am sure there are records stating that.
I need to know his birth and death dates and a short summarry on his carreer. In which universities did hid he take his degrees? I know he was he married? To whom? And his children... who are they, if any at all?  from your site I got "Edward McNall Burns Memorial Award.  Presented annually to the history major who graduates with the best academic record in this field. The cash award is sponsored by Mrs. Edward McNall Burns in memory of her husband, who was professor of history and professor of political science at Rutgers." Is she sill alive? If not, the prize is still sponsored by the family?
Above all, most of all I need AT LEAST one picture of him. It could be a close up or one  in the classsroom while he was teaching.
Well, Erika, Prof Burns "Histotory of Western Civilization" two tomes is in its 28th edition in Portuguese Language and I suspect that In Spain they have over 10 translated editions.
It will be great to have Prof. Burns in the Wikipedia for portuguese and spanish readers. I am pretty sure that a most merited english version will soon follow up.
Be sure that I will give you the proper cedits for all the help in building up a shor-short biography of Prof. Burns.
Please keep in touch.
Many thanks for all your help
Accept my best reagards,
Luis Alfredo

On August 12 th I was a bit anxious and wrote again to Erika

  From: Luis Alfredo to: Erika Gorder  12th August 2012

Dear Erika, I am re-sending the email …, in case you have not received it.
Please, send me ANY news about my research inquiry regarding Prof McNall Burns.Regards
Luis Alfredo

I got a reply on the next day. and decided to wait, no matter how long. Its all up to Erika.

  From Erika Gorder to: Luis Akfredo 13th August 2012

Dear Luis Alfredo,
I did receive your email....working on it.  You are asking for lots of different things and I'm afraid we do not have much on him. Therefore this is a research project to dig for as much as possible from multiple sources.  I will let you know when I'm finished.


Erika Gorder
Associate University Archivist and Permissions Coordinator
Special Collections and University Archives
Rutgers University Libraries
169 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

2 comentários:

Marcia Oliveira Lupion disse...

Olá Professor Luis Alfredo,

me chamo Marcia e estou atualmente como professora colaboradora no Departamento de História da Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Estado do Paraná.
Pelo fato de estar ministrando a disciplina de História Antiga me deparei com o livro do professor Edward Burns e, assim como o Senhor, com a ausência da biografia do mesmo. Mas, meu contato é por outro motivo. Além da ausência da biografia também notei a ausência de uma crítica sobre a obra, bastante extensa diga-se. Ao fazer a leitura do capítulo um do primeiro livro, sobre o desenvolvimento da humanidade porém, notei que o autor refere-se a uma incerteza acerca do surgimento do homem, assim como utiliza termos como primitivo, nômades e sedentários.
Bem, diante disso, e tendo em vista seu também interesse nessa obra, gostaria de saber se seria errôneo "classificar" o autor/obra como um trabalho representativo do evolucionismo/eurocentrismo ainda presentes na década de 1940 quando a obra é lançada (1941, 1946 e 1948)?

Agradeço o espaço de contato, e se puder dialogar comigo ficarei feliz.

att, Marcia Regina de Oliveira Lupion, historiadora.


Robson Pandolfi disse...

Bem relevante a postagem. Realmente as informações são escassas. Mas, em uma pesquisa mais refinada, encontrei aqui uma breve biografia dele.